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The United States Mint recognizes the need for structured training programs to maintain a high level of skill and competence within your position.  When you join the United States Mint, you gain a partner in your success.  The Mint’s training and development program can offer access to a wide range of learning opportunities that can strengthen abilities and advance careers.

Career Development and Training opportunities are available to all United States Mint employees.

Apprenticeship Program The United States Mint has established an apprenticeship program focused on specific training opportunities for employees within its Manufacturing Department.  The apprenticeship provides career growth and advancement opportunities for employees while enhancing productivity, quality and safety.  This is an upward mobility program that provides employees an opportunity to acquire the experience and skill-sets necessary to perform the duties related to manufacturing coins.  When completed, program participants receive certification for the apprenticeship training curriculum.

Leadership Development can be pursued through a wide range of programs for employees in supervisory positions.  Because we want to develop supervisors, managers and executives from our own ranks, the United States Mint encourages employees to improve their skills in areas such as strategic thinking, leadership, communications, team building and negotiating.