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The United States Mint frequently receives inquiries from consumers who have confused coin-related products from private companies with genuine United States coinage.  This page includes information about these products, plus other coin-related issues that may be of interest to our customers and to the general public.  As more public inquires are received and new issues arise, additional information will be added, so remember to check this page for updates.

Public Availability of Presidential $1 Coins

It has come to the attention of the United States Mint that several companies have been advertising United States Mint Presidential $1 Coins with potentially misleading and deceptive claims that the “circulation” of Presidential $1 Coins has been “suspended.” One company is falsely claiming that new designs are no longer available. Additionally, the United States Mint has learned that PCS Stamps and Coins of Norwalk, Connecticut, is making the following erroneous claim in its marketing materials: “The U.S. Mint coin presses have been OFFICIALLY SUSPENDED for circulating Presidential Dollars.” PCS Stamps and Coins also has been mailing an “Official Settlement Notice,” asking consumers to mail in an “Official Settlement Claim Form” with a “Claim Number” within 10 days to “reserve . . . The Complete U.S. Presidential Coin Collection before supplies are exhausted.”

These types of statements are potentially deceptive and misleading to consumers because the United States Mint has not suspended the Presidential $1 Coin Program. To the contrary, the Secretary of the Treasury ordered only that the United States Mint suspend the minting of Presidential $1 Coins issued for circulation to the Federal Reserve Banks.

The United States Mint will continue to mint and sell to the public each new design of the Presidential $1 Coins, in the order of each President’s period of service, until each President has been so honored. The United States Mint currently makes available for sale to the public circulating quality Presidential $1 Coins in bags, rolls, and other packaging, as well as uncirculated and proof quality Presidential $1 Coins in sets and other collector products. Posted 8/13/2012.

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