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Richard Masters – Designer, Artistic Infusion Program

Artistic Infusion Program

Richard Masters


Richard Masters is a professor of art at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. He studied design and drawing at the University of Iowa, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1990. His exhibition record includes five solo shows and over fifty national and international juried exhibitions since 1997. During this period, his work has been critically recognized many times, including eight Best of Show awards. He has published an article for the Journal of Design and Technology, a periodical published by Design Net of Seoul, South Korea, and has been the recipient of numerous research grants from his university. As an inaugural member of the Artistic Infusion Program, Mr. Masters has been assisting the United States Mint with the creation of new designs for coins and medals since 2004. Born in Iowa, he currently resides with his wife in Wisconsin.

Coin Design Credits

  • 2015 U.S. Marshals Commemorative silver obverse
  • 2014 First Spouse Lou Hoover gold reverse
  • 2013 First Spouse Helen Taft gold reverse
  • 2013 5-Star Generals Commemorative silver obverse
  • 2012 Star-Spangled Banner Commemorative gold reverse
  • 2011 First Spouse Julia Grant gold reverse
  • 2011 Medal of Honor Commemorative silver reverse
  • 2011 U.S. Army Commemorative silver obverse
  • 2011 Native American $1 (Wampanoag Treaty) reverse
  • 2009 Northern Mariana Islands Quarter reverse
  • 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial One-Cent (Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky) reverse
  • 2007 Little Rock High School Commemorative silver obverse
  • 2006 Nebraska Quarter reverse

Medal Design Credits:

  • 2010 Professor Muhammad Yunus Congressional Gold Medal reverse
  • President George W. Bush 2nd Term Presidential Medal reverse
  • 2008 Comanche Code Talkers Congressional Gold Medal obverse

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