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Alabama Centennial Half Dollar - 1921

Production Process: Unknown   Coin Type: Commemorative   Denomination: Half Dollar    Authorized Mintage Maximum: 100,000   Production Facility: Philadelphia   Public Law Number: 200   Congressional Number: 66   Approval Date: 05/10/1920  
Image is of the busts of two men flanked by 22 stars. Inscriptions say, United States of America, Half Dollar, In God We Trust, and Bibb 1921 Kilby.
Obverse: Download
Obverse Description:
This coin is the first ever created by the Mint to carry a living person's portrait. The busts are of William Wyatt Bibb, the first governor of Alabama, and T.E. Kilby, governor at the time of the event. The 22 stars indicate that Alabama was the 22nd state admitted to the Union. The inscriptions include United States of America, Half Dollar, In God We Trust, and Bibb 1921 Kilby.
Obverse Designer:
Laura Gardin Fraser

Image of an eagle standing on the shield holding arrows in its talons. Inscriptions: State of Alabama, 1819 Centennial 1919,and Here We Rest.
Reverse: Download
Reverse Description:
The image on the reverse of the coin is an adaptation of the State Seal of Alabama. The inscriptions say, State of Alabama, 1819 Centennial 1919, and the state motto, Here We Rest.
Reverse Designer:
Laura Gardin Fraser

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