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You can search the growing Historian’s Corner archives for images of different types of coins, several kinds of historical documents, or any combination of the two. No matter what you are searching for, you can narrow your search by using any mixture of keywords, phrases, dates, and other criteria.


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Coin Image Search
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Combination Search
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Keyword Search
All images and documents are searchable by predefined keywords or key phrases. Enter single whole keywords separated by a space; for example, Washington Panama platinum.

Keywords are not case sensitive, so Washington and washington are treated the same.

Exact Phrase Search
Many images and documents are searchable by phrases. Enclose exact phrases in double quotation marks; for example, "George Washington Carver" "Mt. Rushmore" "Panama Pacific."

Wildcard (*) Search
If you are unsure of the exact spelling of a name—or if you want the search to return results with similar spellings—use the wildcard character (*) to complete the word; for example, Pan* returns results such as Panama, Pan-Pacific and panorama.

Multiple Keyword Search
Widen or narrow your search by combining keywords or phrases with the words AND, OR, and AND NOT; for example Washington AND NOT Carver will return items about Washington State, Washington DC, George Washington, and Washington Irving, but will omit items about George Washington Carver.

Year From, Year To
Enter the years beginning and ending your search range. For example, if you are searching for an item dating from sometime between 1885 and 1910, enter 1885 in the Year From field and 1910 in the Year To field.

Coin Image Search
Check coin type(s) and/or production process(es) to limit your search results to only the coins that meet your criteria.

Coin Types and Production Processes

Circulating. A coin struck specifically for use in general day-to-day business transactions.

Commemorative. A coin specifically legislated by Congress and authorized by the President to honor a significant person, place, or event.

Bullion. Precious metal (gold, silver, or platinum) coinage or other items created for investment purposes. Bullion coins are not circulated but are retained for the value of their metal.

Uncirculated. A coin that has never been used for commerce and has no marks.

Proof. A coin struck for numismatic, collectible coins using specially polished and treated dies or planchets that produce mirror-like backgrounds. Proofs are also struck twice instead of a single time, resulting in finer detail.

Other. A coin whose production process is known by the Mint but does not fit into the Uncirculated or Proof production processes.

Unknown. A coin whose production process is unknown to the Mint.

N/A. Denotes information that is not applicable to the item retrieved by the search.

Document Search
Check Document Type(s) to limit your search results to only the documents that meet your criteria.

Document Types

Legislation. Act of Congress having to do with the United States Mint, the nation’s coinage, or specific coins.

Annual Report. Excerpt from an Annual Report of the Director of the Mint to the Secretary of the Treasury. These are not entire reports, but excerpts of historical interest.

Press Release. Press release issued by the United States Mint, included here because of its historical significance.

Nuggets. Feature articles that expand or detail items of numismatic or Mint history using primary sources from the archives of the United States Mint.

Ledger. Ledger issued by the United States Mint, included here because of its historical significance.

Combination Search
If you check both Coin Image Search and Document Search, results of your search will include both coins and documents meeting your search criteria.

Search Results
The Search Results are displayed in both List View and Thumbnail View. Choose the tab for the view you want.

List View
Results are listed by Rank, Description, and File Type.

Rank is the relevance of the item compared to the search parameters you specified.

Description is a short name for the item.

File Type shows icons indicating the types of files that were found:

Coin icon Coin
Legislation icon Legislation
Annual Report icon Annual Report excerpt
Press Release icon Press Release
Nugget icon Nugget

Click Description to view more detailed information about the item:

Coin Image Details include photographs of the obverse and reverse sides of the coin along with information about the designer(s), production facility, and related legislation. Click the link below the photograph to download a copy of the photograph.

Document Details include the type of document, its date of origin, notes about the document, and links to download copies. Download the document in Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF icon or Microsoft WordMicrosoft Word icon format, depending upon the type of document. PDF documents are created by scanning the original historical documents. Word documents are transcriptions of the original documents.

Thumbnail View
The Thumbnail View tab displays thumbnail images of all the items—coins and documents—that meet your search criteria. Each thumbnail image is labeled with its title. Click the thumbnail image to go to the corresponding Coin Image Detail page or the Document Detail page.