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2003 First Flight Commemorative

August, August, August!  What a good month for flying!  This is Peter with a new coin that's perfect for August.  It's the 2003 First Flight commemorative coin, which comes in several denominations.  There's a clad half dollar coin, a silver dollar, and this gold 10-dollar coin.

This series of coins honors the Wright brothers and the first time they got their new invention to fly.  Their first flight was in 1903, 100 years ago.  I remember my first flight.  That was in the year...well, let's just say it was a long time ago...but less than 100 years!

So here we are in August, the month when the First Flight commemoratives have been released.  And here are some other August events to think about.

  • Orville Wright, the younger of the two brothers, was born in August of 1871.
  • Kate Wright, their sister, was also born in August, but in 1874.  Kate was so helpful in letting the world know about her shy brothers' invention that some people have called her "the third Wright brother."
  • August is also National Inventors Month.  This is a time to think and learn about the many, many things that have been invented—and are still being invented—to make our lives better.

Inventors create wonderful things.  Thanks to inventors like the Wright brothers, even human beings can join me in soaring through the air!

Obverse: First Flight Commemorative Gold 10-Dollar Coin
Obverse:  Among the inscriptions that surround a portrait of the brothers are the dates of the flight and the coin, and the title "First Flight Centennial."

Reverse: First Flight Commemorative Gold 10-Dollar Coin
Reverse:  A soaring eagle shares the sky with the Wright brothers' airplane.

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