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Lesson Plans for Grades K-12 - Including Common Core and National Standards
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Turtles are Terrific!
Grades K–1
Art, Science, Social Studies
Students will define the term “clan” and explain why some American Indians identify themselves as part of a family or clan. Students will identify and sequence the life cycle of a turtle.

Where Are We?
Grade 5
Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology
Students will be able to place key events in chronological order. Students will gain a working knowledge of geographical concepts: absolute location, relative location, longitude, and latitude. Students will be able to plot a map with the coordinates of the places visited by Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery.

Groovy Guam
Grades 2–3
Language Arts, Social Studies, Art
Students will identify geographical features important to a physical map. Students will understand vocabulary and symbols from an ancient culture.

They Were Born Where?
Grades 9–10
Social Studies, Math, Technology
Students will identify where the presidents of the United States were born and the role of geography in determining election outcomes by creating graphs and analyzing the results of presidential elections.

Negotiating Nations
Grades 7–8
Language Arts, Social Studies
Students will analyze primary source documents in order to describe the rights and limitations of Native American tribal sovereignty. Students will summarize information from an official government Web site.

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Let's Go Birding!: Everglades National Park
Grades 4–6
Art, Science, Social Studies

A Little Birdie Told Me: Everglades National Park
Grades K–1
Art, Language Arts, Science

Contact Without Impact: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Grades 9–12
Language Arts, Math, Science, Technology

A Delicate Arch: Arches National Park
Grades 7–8
Language Arts, Math, Science

A Challenge of Friction: Great Sand Dunes National Park
Grades 9–12
Language Arts, Math, Science

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  1. Picture of Peace
    Grades 7–8
    Art, Language Arts, Social Studies