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Uncovering America's Heritage... Coin by Coin

2004 Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar

Nero the Mint Police Dog ready to serve and protect!  Let me present to you May's coin of the month: a dollar made with real silver in honor of a golden adventure: the Lewis and Clark expedition.

May 2004 is when this Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar comes out for sale; May 1804 was when the Lewis and Clark expedition set out for lands unknown.

Most of the members of the party joined together in Missouri in the fall of 1803 and waited out the winter there.  Remember, they had no roads or warm cars.  Most of their traveling would be by boat or on foot.  In May of 1804, they set out on their history-making fact-finding journey.

Even after 200 years, it's still exciting to read about the adventure.  It's a time that's well worth remembering...on a silver dollar!  And this one is a beauty!

Image of L&C obverse
Obverse:  The leaders are shown planning the next day's activities.

Image of L&C reverse
Reverse:  A peace medal is surrounded by two feathers, which stand for the many native peoples the explorers met.

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