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Uncovering America's Heritage... Coin by Coin

2005 Minnesota Quarter

As a seal, the thought of ten thousand lakes sounds good to me!  And Minnesotans are happy with the nickname "Land of 10,000 lakes" too, even though the actual number of lakes in Minnesota is 11,842.  And that's not counting the more than 6,000 rivers and streams!

So guess what theme is featured on Minnesota's quarter?  Here's a hint:  it's a body of water surrounded by land.  Yes, it's a lake...complete with forest on the shore, people fishing from a boat, and wildlife in the form of a loon, the state bird.  The quarter also shows an outline of the state surrounding its nickname, "Land of 10,000 Lakes."

The state motto is "L'├ętoile du Nord."  That's French for "Star of the North."  Before Alaska became a state, Minnesota had the northernmost town in the country because of a little blip in the border that reaches above the straight line that separates the United States from Canada.  Of all the towns in the 48 states that touch each other, Angle Inlet, Minnesota, is the furthest north.  The town's population is 153, and most of the town's area is water.

That brings us back to the subject of lakes!  And why April for this fantastic coin?  Just because I think April is a great month to go fishing!

Of course, for a seal like me, every month is a great month to go fishing!


Image of Minnesota quarter reverse.
Reverse:  This calm, lovely lake scene brings to mind the natural beauty and resources of Minnesota.

Image of new quarter obverse. On mouseover, the former obverse.
Obverse:  All the new quarters show the traditional portrait of George Washington, with some minor changes. Place your mouse over the image to see the former design.

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