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Zachary Taylor Presidential $1 Coin

The last dollar coin of 2009 is the one that honors Zachary Taylor, the twelfth president of the United States.   Since President Taylor only held office for 16 months, we can only wonder what he might have accomplished if he had served for a longer time.

He was certainly a successful military leader.   His long Army career included keeping peace on the western frontier and winning battles against forces larger than his own in the Mexican-American War.

He made it clear that he was determined to keep the Union together at all costs, despite the growing divisions over slavery.   He was an independent thinker who kept himself apart from party politics, and he pledged to make sure that Congress only passed laws that the Constitution allowed.

But Taylor's presidency was cut short after 5 days of stomach illness.   It appears that he had cholera, a digestive infection, maybe from having eaten bad food or water.

At his funeral in July 1850, more than 100,000 people lined the streets of Washington to pay their respects to this hero.   Read more about him on the Zachary Taylor Presidential $1 Coin page.


Image shows the front of the Zachary Taylor Presidential $1 Coin.
Obverse:  On the front of this coin is a portrait of Zachary Taylor ("Old Rough and Ready") with his name, "In God We Trust," the number of his presidency (12th), and his years in office (1849 to 1850).

The back of a Presidential $1 Coin.
Reverse:  The back shows the Statue of Liberty, the words "United States of America," and the denomination "$1."

Image shows the edges of a stack of Presidential $1 coins.
Edge:  The edge holds the required inscriptions "E Pluribus Unum," the mint mark, and the year the coin was made or issued.

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