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Grant Presidential $1 Coin

This month:  July.  This month's coin:  The Ulysses S. Grant Presidential $1 Coin.  With a little help from the Time Machine, I've discovered several Julys that were milestones in President Grant's life.

  • July 1843:  Grant is assigned to duty outside St. Louis, Missouri, his first post after graduation from the West Point military academy.
  • July 1852:  While traveling across Panama, Grant's second child, Ulysses S. Grant Jr., is born back home.
  • July 1855:  While living on a farm, the Grants' third child, Ellen (nicknamed Nellie), is born.
  • July 1861:  Grant moves his troops to attack a Confederate camp at Florida, Missouri, only to find the camp deserted.  He learns an important lesson:  Enemies may be more afraid of you than you are of them!  Later that month, President Abraham Lincoln appoints Grant to the rank of brigadier general of volunteers.
  • July 1862:  Grant takes command of the army at Corinth, Kentucky.
  • July 1863:  After 6 months of trying to capture Vicksburg, Mississippi, Vicksburg surrenders.  This divides the South at the Mississippi River and earns Grant a promotion to major general.
  • July 1866:  Congress creates a new rank:  General of the Armies of the United States.  Grant is immediately promoted to this rank.
  • July 1885:  Ulysses S. Grant dies at the age of 63.

Of course, President Grant was busy during other months as well! You can find out more about this president and his coin on the Ulysses S. Grant 2011 page.


Image shows the front of the U.S. Army 5$ coin.
Obverse:  The president's portrait is surrounded by his name and the words "In God We Trust," "18th President," and "1869 to 1877."

Image shows the back of the U.S. Army $5 coin.
Reverse:  The Statue of Liberty accompanies the inscriptions "United States of America" and "$1."  Other inscriptions are found around the coin's edge.

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