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Chickasaw National Recreation Area Quarter

The Lincoln Bridge is just one of beautiful features of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. But since the bridge is so central in the design of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area Quarter, it's a great place to start exploring the area's history!

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area became a national site in 1902. The first major development needed was a bridge across Travertine Creek. Work on the limestone Lincoln Bridge started in 1908. The bridge, named after President Abraham Lincoln, was opened on February 12, 1909, the 100th anniversary of Lincoln's birth.

After the bridge opened, more work was done to beautify the park, and the bridge soon became one of the park visitors' favorite scenic spots. Post cards made around that time feature several different views of the bridge.

The Lincoln Bridge has been a park landmark for more than 100 years now, and probably will continue for years to come. After all, it was designed to be "strong enough to hold up under the stress of a four-horse team at full gallop"!


Image shows the back of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area quarter.
Reverse:  An image of the Lincoln Bridge is surrounded by the words "Chickasaw," "Oklahoma," "E Pluribus Unum," and "2011."

Image shows the front of the quarter-dollar coin.
Obverse:  George Washington's profile is surrounded by the inscriptions "United States of America," "Liberty," "In God We Trust," a mint mark, and "Quarter Dollar."

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