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October Coin of the Month

Theodore Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin

I've chosen this coin not only because it's new this year but because I find Teddy Roosevelt a most interesting president and person. Let me tell you why.

For one thing, Roosevelt was a conservationist. When he took office, there were only five national parks. He added five more, as well as 18 national monuments. This makes his place on Mount Rushmore particularly appropriate.

He appreciated nature and spent much time outdoors. For a while, he owned a cattle ranch in South Dakota. But he also kept animals in the White House. His six children's pets included a rooster, a snake, a parrot, a pony, a bear, and a guinea pig.

Roosevelt was very physically active, despite growing up with frail health, including asthma. His devotion to what he called "the strenuous life" led him to indulge in regular exercise, boxing, tennis, hiking, rowing, hunting, polo, and horseback riding.

He was the first U.S. President to make an official trip outside the United States while in office. The trip was to Panama, to inspect the construction of the Panama Canal, a project he backed as important for both shipping and military defense reasons. (The canal saved ships from having to travel 8,000 miles around South America.)

Roosevelt had a passion for justice and righteousness, and he often stood up for what was right though not always popular. He reduced the national debt by more than $90,000,000 and helped extend job opportunities in keeping with his ideal of a "square deal" for everyone.

And let's not forget the teddy bear! Stuffed baby bears were named after him when it was reported that he refused to shoot a baby bear while on a hunting expedition.

There's more to know than we have room for here, but you can continue your Roosevelt research on the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin page!

—Inspector Collector

Front of the Teddy Roosevelt $1 Coin.
Obverse:  The image depicts Theodore "Teddy " Roosevelt, 26th president (1901 to 1909).

Back of the Presidential $1 Coin.
Reverse:  The Statue of Liberty accompanies the inscriptions " United States of America" and "$1." Other inscriptions are found around the coin's edge.

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