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November Coin of the Month

Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse Gold Coin

Flip here, and I'm glad to present Eleanor Roosevelt's First Spouse coin this month.  Did you know that every Presidential $1 Coin has a companion First Spouse coin?  These are one-half ounce $10 gold coins that don't circulate, so you may never see one unless you know a collector...or you read Coin of the Month!

Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most admired and loved women of her time.  Perhaps it was losing both her parents by the age of 10 that made her so sensitive to people in all kinds of need, but she was known for her kindness and her efforts to help people of all creeds, races, and nations.

She married Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1905 and quickly learned the ways of politics while Franklin served in the state Senate in Albany, New York, and the ways of Washington while he was Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  As he began his fight with polio in 1921, she cared for him devotedly and kept his political interests alive by her activity in the women's division of the State Democratic Committee.

In the White House, Mrs. Roosevelt gradually expanded the role of First Lady.  She not only hosted many official gatherings, but for the first time held press conferences, traveled to all parts of the country, gave lectures and radio broadcasts, and wrote a daily newspaper column called "My Day" where she expressed her opinions.

After the President's death in 1945, she returned to her Hyde Park cottage named "Val Kill," meaning "Valley Stream" in Dutch.  (This is now a national site, the only one dedicated to a first lady.)  Within a year, she began her service as American spokesman in the United Nations.

She continued a vigorous career until her strength began to wane in 1962; she died that November and was buried at Hyde Park beside her husband.  Learn more on the Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse Coin page.


Flip, the Mint Seal

Teacher Feature

The front of the Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse coin.
Obverse:  Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd president, is shown with her famous smile.

The back of the Eleanor Roosevelt coin.
Reverse:  A candle is lighted by Mrs. Roosevelt who, it was said of her, "would rather light a candle than curse the darkness."

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