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Euro Crossword Puzzle

Check your answers with the Answer Key.

crossword puzzle


  1. A picture link on a computer
  2. Owns
  3. Mom and Dad's boy (rhymes with "fun")
  4. A place where money is kept
  5. Opposite of "out"
  6. A country's _______ anthem
  7. Last two letters of 4 across
  8. Opposite of selling
  9. What numismatists do with coins
  10. What your ankle connects your foot to
  11. Europe's new currency
  12. The marks on money


  1. Exists (rhymes with "fizz")
  2. Metal currency
  3. Opposite of "off"
  4. Sound of laughter
  5. Indefinite article (rhymes with "man")
  6. Where stars and clouds are found
  7. Togetherness; agreement
  8. Paper currency (see 15 down)
  9. Tag! You're ____!
  10. Louisiana (abbreviation)
  11. One thing that stands for another
  12. Another word for banknotes
  13. Frozen or frosted
  14. Hawaiian flower necklace
  15. What Peter hatched from

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