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Merit Badge Crossword Puzzle

Check your answers with the Answer Key.

crossword puzzle


  1. Curved opening.
  2. Tidy, the way your collection should be.
  3. A thought; getting a merit badge is a good ______.
  4. Version; in 2003, a new ______ of the merit badge booklet was published.
  5. Seeing organ; a coin detective must have a good ______.
  6. Traditional, like the ______ options there were before the new options.
  7. Exist; to ______ or not to be.
  8. A network; the merit badge booklet is available on the ______.
  9. Written groups, like the ______ of options in the booklet.


  1. An insignia; Boy Scouts can earn a ______ ______.
  2. An upper room in a house; sometimes, you can find old coins up there.
  3. A metallic piece of money; Know how to use ______ reference catalogs.
  4. One new options is to collect five ______ from the 50 State Quarters® Program.
  5. Changed, like the coin collecting merit badge booklet has been.
  6. Awards; you can collect not only coins but ______.
  7. Tag; use one to identify a coin.

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