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Coin Committee Crossword Puzzle

Check your answers with the Answer Key.

crossword puzzle


  1. A group that reviews and advises on coin designs
  2. Metal objects used as money
  3. How we elect our leaders
  4. Abbreviation for United States of America
  5. The house of Congress where senators meet
  6. The Corps of Discovery was led by _____ and Clark.
  7. Close to
  8. In the past; 200 years _____.
  9. Young people or goats
  10. Someone who designs medals


  1. Picking, selecting
  2. A place where coins are made
  3. Tag! You're ____!
  4. The first name of inventor Edison and President Jefferson
  5. Commemorative coins honor people, places, or ______.
  6. Opposite of old
  7. People who apply should have _____ the public on other projects.
  8. Common name for a five-cent piece
  9. Opposite of subtracts
  10. Coin designs are considered works of ____.

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