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Winter 2004 Crossword Puzzle

Check your answers with the Answer Key.

crossword puzzle


  1. Friend or buddy
  2. Bill is the Mint _______.
  3. Rhymes with "mother"
  4. Opposite of "worst"
  5. Of all Edison's inventions, the light bulb was the _______.
  6. Rhymes with "jazz"
  7. Famous explorer..._____ and Clark
  8. Badly wanting; rhymes with "seed"


  1. Opposite of "before"
  2. The first 2004 nickel celebrates the Louisiana _________.
  3. Michigan's quarter shows the Great ______.
  4. On the second nickel of 2004, Lewis and Clark are on a ______.
  5. To exist; rhymes with "see"
  6. Opposite of "end"
  7. Michigan is a ______.
  8. Edison's coin shows his light ______.
  9. The fourth new quarter of 2004 will honor the state of _____.

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