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Spring 2004 Crossword Puzzle

Check your answers with the Answer Key.

crossword puzzle


  1. These shake in friendship on the Peace Medal nickel.
  2. The Louisiana Territory ends at the ____ of Mexico.
  3. Abbreviation for "Pennsylvania"
  4. This is what the Republic of Texas became.
  5. Abbreviation for "Louisiana"
  6. Inspector Collector's initials.
  7. Kind of land pictured on the Florida quarter
  8. The Teachers area offers lesson ____.
  9. This is what coins are that circulate now.
  10. This is the opposite of "without"
  11. With every new season, there's a new ____ of Making Cents.


  1. Some of these people blast off from Cape Canaveral.
  2. What your money is after you use it.
  3. This is the opposite of "down."
  4. These are what was spent in France before the euro.
  5. This Pal loves the Teachers area.
  6. This five-pointed symbol is on the Texas quarter.
  7. This is used for writing in ink.
  8. From the United States, Canada is in this direction.
  9. To find the new nickel in your change, keep an ____ out.
  10. This is how many new nickel designs will come out in 2004.

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