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Fall 2007 Scramble Puzzle

Check your answers with the Answer Key.

scramble puzzle


  1. ACLAN:  man-made river
  2. SLOT:  many
  3. ROE:  raw mineral
  4. THAU:  one featured state
  5. TI:  pronoun
  6. NM:  Southwestern state
  7. RO:  the other one
  8. TESCER:  don't tell
  9. ASE:  watery dwelling
  10. EAC:  number one card
  11. AI:  Midwestern state
  12. SNIBO:  Great Plains beast
  13. LADROL:  main US money unit
  14. SIRMEN:  big diggers
  15. TV:  Northeastern state
  16. HA:  happy sound
  17. LOTNEPEA:  horned runner


  1. SONIC: non-floppy discs
  2. RAT: pretty picture
  3. EN: Midwestern state
  4. HUNCL: middle meal
  5. KEAL: salty but great
  6. HO: now I get it
  7. RENCES: what the saver saves
  8. EM: pronoun
  9. SISAL: strong sheets
  10. SETTA: buds in your mouth
  11. OC: Southwestern state
  12. LA: Southern state
  13. RIBEN: salty water
  14. VIED: get wet
  15. MA: before noon
  16. PRA: knock
  17. HES: pronoun
  18. NM: Southwestern state

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