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Spring 2008 Crossword Puzzle

Check your answers with the Answer Key.

crossword puzzle


  1. Solar system's central body
  2. A short jump
  3. Awards in science, medicine, and agriculture
  4. Belonging to us
  5. To tear or rip
  6. I am (contraction)
  7. South Dakota (abbreviation)
  8. Circulating, uncirculated, proof
  9. California (abbreviation)
  10. Opposite of stop
  11. Post meridian (abbreviation)
  12. A guided walk through a facility
  13. Raw metal
  14. Carrier, often made of woven reeds
  15. Number of time travelers to 1956
  16. A building that's part of the United States Mint


  1. The fanciest coin finish
  2. The season after winter
  3. New Mexico (abbreviation)
  4. They hold crayons when you color
  5. Opposite of new
  6. Postscript (abbreviation)
  7. Emergency room (abbreviation)
  8. New Mexico's driest areas
  9. Michigan (abbreviation)
  10. A 3-month part of the year
  11. A Zia drawing that represents the Sun
  12. A special signal
  13. A mistake
  14. Oregon (abbreviation)
  15. Fine and dandy; no problem
  16. Et cetera (abbreviation)
  17. Wisconsin (abbreviation)

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