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Fall 2008 Crossword Puzzle

Check your answers with the Answer Key.

crossword puzzle


  1. The job of Kamehameha I
  2. Festive times to celebrate
  3. Illinois (abbreviation)
  4. Oklahoma (abbreviation)
  5. A 24-hour period
  6. The season after summer
  7. Mississippi (abbreviation)
  8. Very, very warm
  9. Nero is the Mint Police _____
  10. People who served in the armed forces
  11. Iowa (abbreviation)
  12. Short for “Internet”
  13. Florida (abbreviation)
  14. A long period of time
  15. A gold coin worth $10
  16. There are 50 of these on the US flag
  17. Opposite of “in”


  1. A yellow metal
  2. Hawaii (abbreviation)
  3. Kentucky (abbreviation)
  4. Lands surrounded by water
  5. Same as 2 down
  6. To make or accomplish
  7. Alaska (abbreviation)
  8. Americans call this “Old Glory”
  9. Arizona (abbreviation)
  10. Opposite of “less”
  11. What the flag’s stars stand for
  12. Many of these furry animals live in Alaska
  13. Lady chicken
  14. To compete
  15. Short for “influenza”
  16. To allow
  17. “What’s new and striking __ the United States Mint”
  18. Opposite of “stop”

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