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Making Cents - All the news that's fit to mint! - What's news at the United States Mint!

Welcome to the summer 2009 issue of Making Cents, the online newsletter that tells you what's new and striking at the United States Mint.  Be sure to check back every 3 months for a new issue.

Where's That Word?

Image shows part of the game screen, the image of Lincoln reading on a log from the second coin, and the title Lincoln Words.

If you like word-find puzzles, you'll like "Lincoln Words," the new game on the H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site.  The game's three levels fit three different age groups...but you can play any level you'd like.

All the words that are hidden in the puzzles are about Abraham Lincoln in honor of the series of new pennies for 2009 (learn more on the 2009 Lincoln Cents page).  Just as the penny designs stand for four different parts of Lincoln's life, each level of the game has four sets of words to choose from.

It's easy to select the words by clicking on the first letter of the word and dragging to the end.  The words are hidden in different places every time you play, so you can play again and again and still have a good time hunting.  And if you get stuck, there are good clues to help you out!

Head for the Games page and "log" some time playing Lincoln Words!

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Feeling Is Believing

Image shows part of the back of the Braille coin, highlighting the Braille letters.

Do you believe there's a coin you can read with your fingers?  Well, now there is one.  In 2009, the United States Mint has created the first coin that blind people can read by touch.

One word on the coin is written in a system called "Braille," named after Louis Braille, who invented it.  So anyone who can read by this system can read the word "Braille" on this commemorative coin.

The year 2009 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille.  (Both Braille and Abraham Lincoln were born in 1809.)

Check out the fascinating story of Louis Braille and see the coin on the Commemorative Coins page!

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Quarters of the Quarter:  Guam and American Samoa

Image shows Goldie and Plinky, dressed for the tropics, standing before the Guam and American Samoa quarters.

Guam's quarter may turn up soon in your pocket or purse.  If you don't know much about this island territory, have no fear; Goldie the Mint Fish is here to share her lagoon full of Guam goodies.  These nuggets of information will enrich your knowledge of Guam and the meaning behind its quarter design.  Dive into May's Coin of the Month page!

Plinky, meanwhile, is all over American Samoa.  She chose the American Samoa quarter as the Coin of the Month for July.  Surf on by and let her tell you all about it.

And both coins, of course, are profiled on the 2009 Quarters page.

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Summer 2009 Puzzle

We hope you've enjoyed this issue of Making Cents.  Click to see and print out the crossword puzzle.  All the words in the puzzle are used in this issue, so you should already have a clue!

Check your answers with the answer key.

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