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Fall 2009 Puzzle Answer Key

row number scrambled word answer
(un-scrambled word)
the clue
1. negbi begin "Adventures in Canada" paragraph 3
2. tindue United "Nero's Top 11" paragraph 1
3. setrinnegit interesting "Quarters of the Quarter" paragraph 2
4. mansklard landmarks "Adventures in Canada" paragraph 2
5. porcilat tropical "Quarters of the Quarter" paragraph 1 and 3
6. snatrueved adventures "Adventures in Canada" title, paragraph 2
7. brigheno neighbor "Adventures in Canada" paragraph 1
8. snidlas Islands "Quarters of the Quarter" title, paragraph 1 and 3
9. magu Guam "Quarters of the Quarter" paragraph 3
10. tils list "Nero's Top 11" paragraph 2
11. conae Ocean "Quarters of the Quarter" paragraph 3
12. broocet October "Nero's Top 11" paragraph 2
Plinky did this in Canada:

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