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Winter 2010 Puzzle

Unscramble the words in parentheses into the blanks beside them to complete the sentences.  The sentences are based on sentences in this issue, so you can find the answers by looking up the sentences.

Check your answers with the answer key.

  1. Known as "the Great Law of blank (acepe)," this blank (tayter) enabled five northeastern blank (isnanot) to live together in peace.
  2. The Great Law design is on the back of the blank (anviet) blank (manracie) $1 Coin.
  3. The pact between the original five nations is captured in the design using five blank (rawsor) and a belt of blank (sedab).
  4. The number and type of new coin designs are set by blank (gensorcs).
  5. The image shown here includes some colorized blank (grindaws).
  6. The 2010 Native American $1 Coin is presented as the January blank (ocin) of the blank (nohmt).
  7. The Presidential $1 Coins will cover Millard blank (orleflim), Franklin blank (repeci), James blank (cabnuhan), and Abraham blank (connill).
  8. A new design on the back of the penny will symbolize the blank (tinyu) of the blank (setsat).
  9. The new penny's blank (lehids) has thirteen blank (persits).
  10. The blank (raimeac) the blank (tubalifue) Quarters™ Program will begin in 2010.
  11. In the world of blank (movemotameceri) coins, two new dollar coins will be created.
  12. A new series of quarters will honor our country's blank (loaninta) blank (skarp).

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