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Spring 2010 Puzzle

Print the puzzle by clicking on the "Printer Friendly" icon below.  Fit the words in the word list into the puzzle blanks.  Hint:  Place the words with the fewest possibilities first.

Check your answers with the Answer Key.


Word List

2 letters
AR: The abbreviation for Arkansas, home of Hot Springs National Park, is "AR."
5 letters
cents: Dollars are made up of cents.
6 letters
dollar: This issue covers two Presidential and two commemorative dollar coins.
oldest: Hot Springs National Park is the oldest national park in the United States.
7 letters
quarter: Parks and other national sites are the subject of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.
8 letters
disabled: Some members of the armed forces can become disabled in the line of duty.
Fillmore: The Millard Fillmore $1 Coin is the one most recently released.
memorial: Washington, DC, will be the site of a new memorial to disabled veterans.
released: Fifty-six quarters will be released during the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.
veterans: A veteran is someone who has long training or experience, especially in the military.

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