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Making Cents - All the news that's fit to mint! - What's news at the United States Mint!

Welcome to the summer 2010 issue of Making Cents, the online newsletter that tells you what's new and striking at the United States Mint.  Be sure to check back every 3 months for a new issue.

$1 Coin Events

Image shows Franklin Pierce from the $1 coin.

Which Presidential dollar has been released most recently? During the spring quarter (May),  the United States Mint released the coin that bears the portrait of the 14th President of the United States, Franklin Pierce.

The newest Presidential $1 Coin was introduced in Concord, New Hampshire, at Pierce Manse, the former President's historic home. (A manse is a mansion, a large house with land.) Each of the local school children who attended the event received a Pierce $1 Coin as a memento.

The coin's front features an image of Franklin Pierce designed by Susan Gamble and sculpted by Charles L. Vickers. Don Everhart's dramatic rendering of the Statue of Liberty appears on the back, as on all the Presidential $1 Coins.

This coin is number 14 in the Presidential $1 Coin Program. Read more about President Pierce on the coin's Presidential $1 Coin page. James Buchanan will be honored on the next coin, due during the summer

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Vacation in 50 States

Image shows Bill in front of the Map Store.

Have you ever gotten bored during summer vacation? Conquer cabin fever with Quarter Explorer!

In Quarter Explorer, all 50 states are at your fingertips. Learn some of the most fascinating facts about each state and its 50 State Quarters ® Program design.

If you've never played before, here's how it works: You pick a group of five states. As you gather info on the states for Bill's trip, you earn quarters. The more quarters you earn, the more upgraded Bill's trip can be. And the more you play, the more state-savvy you become.

At the end of each game, Bill will send you a message from each state of the five states on postcards, which you can print and color if you want. You can even play with a friend by simply taking turns.

Image shows Bill about to throw a dart at a map of the United States.

Quarter Explorer is not the newest game on the site, but it will provide you with hours of travel adventure without having to pack a single bag! Bookmark Quarter Explorer so it's always handy!

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Quarter of the Quarter: Yellowstone National Park

Photo shows a geyser with the word Yellowstone superimposed.

Old Faithful, shown on the Yellowstone National Park quarter, is not the only geyser in the park. How many geysers do you think there are?

Actually, there are more than 300! When you include other thermal features like boiling mudpots, there are more than 10,000!

Did you know Yellowstone has an active volcano? In fact, it's one of the largest in the world, but you can't climb it...because it's underground.

The volcano's molten lava is what heats the waters of Yellowstone's geysers, water spouts, and mudpots. It also causes thousands of earthquakes of various sizes every year. Read more about this coin's park on the Yellowstone National Park quarter page and in May's Coin of the Month.

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Summer 2010 Puzzle

We hope you've enjoyed this issue of Making Cents. All the words in the puzzle are used in this issue, so you should already have a clue!

Check your answers with the answer key.

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