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Fall 2013 Puzzle Answer Key

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Word Article Paragraph(s)
DefendersFt. McHenry Quarter1
AchievementsTaft Presidential $1 Coin2
BattleFt. McHenry Quarter1
LittleTaft Presidential $1 Coin2
PoemFt. McHenry Quarter1
SupremeTaft Presidential $1 Coin2
HistoricFt. McHenry Quarter2
FourthFt. McHenry Quarter1
ChiefTaft Presidential $1 Coin2
BearsTaft Presidential $1 Coin1
InvadersFt. McHenry Quarter1
JusticeTaft Presidential $1 Coin2
LandFt. McHenry Quarter1
SingleTaft Presidential $1 Coin2
HolidayFt. McHenry Quarter1
CreditTaft Presidential $1 Coin2
CenterTaft Presidential $1 Coin3

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