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Making Cents - All the news that's fit to mint! - What's news at the United States Mint!

Winter 2014 Puzzle

All of the sentences below were used in this issue of Making Cents.  Print the word fill-in puzzle by clicking on the "Printer Friendly" icon below then File/Print in your browser.

For each sentence, see if you can remember the missing word and fill in the blanks...or look them up in the articles.  We’ve provided the first letter of each word as a clue. When you’re done, you can check your answers with the answer key.

  1. Events in the news included the opening of the Panama C____ (1914), World War I (1914 to 1918), women p_______ for voting s________ (legislated in 1920), and c______ wars in Latin American countries
  2. ...and one new Native American design will focus on native h________ and how it helped Lewis and Clark a_________ their c____-c______ mission.
  3. The faces of four presidents c______ into the mountain’s g_____ surface provide us with a lasting source of i_______ and pride.
  4. The other celebrates the half-c______-old Civil Rights Act of 1____.
  5. At least 25 medals will be awarded to Native A_______ tribes whose members served in World Wars I and II as C______ Talkers.
  6. With other changes and s________ sure to come, 2014 is definitely a year to look forward to!
  7. One is the c_____ baseball coin that everyone had so much fun d_______ last year
  8. Wilson served during the t_________ time of 1913 to 1921
  9. Here are some events on the h_______.
  10. They’ll honor parks with a_____, sand d_____, forests, s_______...lots of e__________ to explore that you may not even have known existed in this country!
  11. Besides ridge after ridge of misty m________, the park b______ many log c______ and churches, r______ of the area’s life as a h___________ community before it became a national park.
  12. Wilson used developing t___________ like radio, movies, t_________, telephones, a________, and electronic voice a____________.

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