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Making Cents - All the news that's fit to mint! - What's news at the United States Mint!

Welcome to the fall 2014 issue of Making Cents, the online newsletter that tells you what's new and striking at the United States Mint.  Be sure to check back every three months for a new issue.

Rebirth of Birth of a Coin

G.W. Quarter stands beside a machine that makes quarter planchets.

You may have seen our snappy little toon called “Birth of a Coin,” a long-time favorite on the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site.  It's the feature where the tour guide, G.W. Quarter, takes you through the coin-making process from Congressional legislation to your favorite vending machine. 

Well, the tale is now being told in a new format:  video!  You can now see the action and hear the narration without lifting a finger, once you press “play.”  And not only are Goldie and G.W. still in the picture, but the tale has been updated with recent coining techniques and live-action scenes that give you an even clearer picture of how the whole process works. 

So even if you've seen “Birth of a Coin” before, you'll want to check out this new telling of the familiar tale in its “reborn” version!  Here's a link to the new Birth of a Coin video. 

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Fall in the Air

Coins and a costume and a list of fall holidays.

Fall is a great season!  In addition to starting new classes at school, we get to celebrate some of our favorite holidays at the end of the year, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the December holidays.  Our Web site has pages for most of these, where you can find out about the holidays' histories and how they've left their mark in the world of coinage. 

In addition to pages on Halloween (with its Costume Quiz) and Thanksgiving Day, there's a page for Columbus Day in October and Veterans Day in November.  Add to that the new releases of quarters and Presidential $1 coins (remember there's a new Coin of the Month every month) and you're sure to have a fabulous fall full of fun! 

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$1 Coin Events:  Herbert Hoover

The front of the Hoover Presidential $1 Coin.

Which Presidential $1 Coin has been created most recently?  During the last quarter, it was the coin that bears the name and portrait of 31st president Herbert Hoover. 

President Hoover, elected in 1929, was the first president who was born west of the Mississippi River.  He was born in Iowa and grew up in Oregon.  Under his administration, George Washington's portrait took its place on the front of the quarter dollar starting in 1931. 

You can download this coin to color from the "coin images to download" tab on the Presidential $1 Coin Program page.  Read more about President Hoover's coin on its Hoover Presidential $1 Coin page and the August Coin of the Month

Coming up next time: the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin.

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Quarter of the Quarter:  Great Sand Dunes

Bill and the Great Sand Dunes National Park quarter.

The fourth quarter released in 2014 honors Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.  This park's centerpiece is the crescent-shaped field of dunes at the foot of a mountain range.  Abundant moisture holds the dunes together so they can reach much greater heights than they could if they were dry. 

Bill explains where all that moisture comes from and how the surface sand uses wind and water to travel in circles in the September Coin of the Month

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Fall 2014 Puzzle

We hope you've enjoyed this issue of Making Cents.  Here's a word puzzle with a secret message for you! 

You can check your answers with the answer key

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