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Jefferson's Liberty

Front of Jefferson's Liberty gold coin.

The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 provides a way to keep the First Spouse Program going when a president served without a spouse.  Thomas Jefferson is such a president.  Jefferson had been a widower for 19 years when he took the office of the Presidency in 1801.

As the Act provides, the front of the First Spouse coin for Jefferson's term features an image of Liberty used on the Draped Bust half cent.  This coin was made from 1800 to 1808, during his time in office.

Design on Reverse

Back of Jefferson's Liberty gold coin.

Thomas Jefferson is well-known for is ability to write.  Before he died, he named exactly which of his achievements he wanted engraved on the marker of his final resting place.

That resting place is on the grounds of Monticello, his Virginia estate.  His monument, shown on the coin behind his chosen words, lists "Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and father of the University of Virginia."

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