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Mary Lincoln

The front of the Mary Todd Lincoln coin shows this First Lady's portrait.

Mary Todd was born on December 13, 1818.  It was in her birthplace of Lexington, Kentucky, that she cultivated her love for politics.  She met Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois, and they married in 1842.

In 1847, Lincoln was first elected to Congress.  Mary worked hard to help his career, including his bid for the presidency.  After Lincoln was elected President in 1861, Mary was his helpful advisor.

She hosted public receptions at the White House, which she called "handshake days."  Hundreds of people, including black people, would crowd into the East Room of the White House to greet her and the President.

Just weeks after beginning his second term, President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.  Mary later retired to Hyde Park, Illinois.  She died peacefully in 1882.

Design on Reverse

The back of the coin shows Mrs. Lincoln visiting wounded Union soldiers.

During the Civil War, Mary Lincoln visited wounded Union soldiers, bringing them food, books, and flowers and writing letters to the soldiers' families for them.  The image on the back shows Mrs. Lincoln bringing flowers and books to the soldiers.

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