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Julia Grant

The front of the Julia Grant coin shows this First Lady’s portrait.

Julia Dent was born on January 26, 1826, near St. Louis, Missouri.  She met Ulysses Grant at her family's plantation.  Julia's brother Frederick was a West Point cadet and he had invited his classmate Ulysses to visit.

Julia and "Ulys" both quickly realized that they had much in common, including a love for the outdoors.  Julia and Lieutenant Grant became engaged in 1844, when she was 18.  They married four years later.

During the Civil War, General Grant commanded Union forces. Julia moved often so she could be as close to her husband as possible.  She only brought her children with her when she thought it would be safe enough.

General Grant won decisive victories at Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga.  Julia was at his side as he rose to be one of the most famous generals in American history and, ultimately, the 18th President of the United States.

Design on Reverse

The back of the coin shows Julia and Ulysses on horseback.

The design on the back of the coin captures the courtship of Julia and Ulysses.  When they met, Julia was living on her family's plantation, called White Haven.

White Haven provided the perfect setting for the courtship of two people who loved the outdoors.  The plantation featured woods, gardens, orchards, and animals.  Since the couple often enjoyed riding horseback together, the coin’s image shows them horseback riding at White Haven.

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