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Frances Cleveland number 2

Image shows the front of the Frances Cleveland coin #2.

President Grover Cleveland and his wife still hold one record: They are the only President and first lady in American history who left the White House and then returned for a second, non-consecutive term.  This coin honors her second term as First Lady.

Mrs. Cleveland was always in favor of education for all women.  During President Cleveland's second term, she hired a kindergarten teacher, creating the first formalized school that was located in the White House.  There were several children in the class, including her daughter Ruth.

Design on Reverse

Image shows the back of the Frances Cleveland coin #2.

The image on the back of the coin is designed to show that people liked and respected Mrs. Cleveland.  In the image, she stands beside her husband during a public appearance, waving to the crowd.

Mrs. Cleveland remained popular during her husband's second term in office.  In fact, she was the first presidential spouse who had her own secretary to handle her mail and her social schedule.

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