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Florence Harding

Front of Florence Harding coin.

Florence Mabel Kling Harding was born on August 15, 1860.  She lived in Marion, Ohio, where her father was a well-known banker. 

Her future husband, Warren G. Harding, owned the town's newspaper.  After they married, she joined the staff, ran the paper when Harding fell ill, and continued to run it after his recovery.  She invented the idea of paper routes for young boys, an idea that spread nationally. 

Mrs. Harding was the 29th First Lady, but the first one who voted for her husband to become President of the United States.  In all the previous presidential elections, women had not been eligible to vote. 

Design on Reverse

Back of Florence Harding coin.

The reverse combines many symbols that relate to Florence Harding's life.  The ballots and a ballot box recognize that she saw the power of the women's vote and encouraged women to register.  The camera recalls how Mrs. Harding used the power of photo opportunities in her husband's campaign to boost his election. 

The torch, initials, stars, and bars refer to veterans of World War I, who she often visited at Walter Reed and Bethesda military hospitals.  She also hosted White House garden parties for veterans and answered their letters, starting inquiries and investigations if necessary to resolve their concerns. 

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