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Grace Coolidge

Front of Grace Coolidge coin.

Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge was born on January 3, 1879, in Burlington, Vermont.  She graduated from the University of Vermont in 1902 and went on to teach at a well-known school for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.  Later, she served on its Board of Trustees. 

Mrs. Coolidge kept a number of pets at the White House.  Rebecca was a raccoon who had been sent to the First Family to be eaten as a holiday dinner.  She brought Rebecca to events such as the White House Easter Egg Roll. 

Mrs. Coolidge had a white collie named Rob Roy.  He posed with her for her official White House portrait.  She also loved baseball.

Design on Reverse

Back of Grace Coolidge coin.

In front of an image of the White House, three hands spell the letters USA in American Sign Language.  As the 30th First Lady, Grace Coolidge supported education for the deaf and drew attention to the needs of disabled people. 

Mrs. Coolidge promoted many community groups and service activities for boys and girls.  She also supported social aid, disaster relief, and help for wounded veterans and other disabled people. 

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