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California Quarter Bonus Questions!
How well do you know the newest quarter design?
  1. Which of these images is not on the California quarter reverse?

  2. What is California's state tree?

  3. California's state motto is "Eureka!" (a Greek word meaning "I've found it!"). It was adopted in 1849, and alludes to the discovery of:

  1. General George Washington and members of the Colonial Army crossing the Delaware River are shown on the reverse of this 1999 quarter.

  2. This state's tree is the palmetto, and its nickname is "The Palmetto State." Both the tree and the inscription can be found on this state's quarter reverse.

  3. The "Great Lakes" can be seen on the reverse of this 2004 quarter.

  4. The "Crossroads of America" is the inscription found on this state's quarter reverse.

  5. Which state, whose quarter highlights a special race, joined the Union in 1792?

  6. Which state has "1837" on the design to celebrate the year it joined the Union?

  7. This state's nickname is "The Prairie State" named after its state prairie grass, big bluestem.

  8. This state joined the Union on January 29, 1861 and was the fourth quarter released in 2005, the 34th of the 50 State Quarters Program.

  9. Which state's quarter reverse features the New River Gorge Bridge, 3,030 feet long, one of the world's longest steel spans and the second highest bridge in the United States, rising 876 feet above the gorge?

  10. This "Buckeye" state celebrated its quarter release in 2002.

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