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Hawaii Quarter Bonus Questions!
How well do you know the newest quarter design?
  1. The Hawaii quarter features:

  2. The state capital of Hawaii is:

  3. The state flower of Hawaii is the:

  1. Helen Keller is featured on this quarter reverse.

  2. General George Washington and members of the Colonial Army crossing the Delaware River are shown on the reverse of this 1999 quarter.

  3. This state is the "Land of Lincoln" and joined the Union in 1818.

  4. This state joined the union in 1792.

  5. Which state has a symbol of education in the form of a schoolhouse on its quarter reverse?

  6. This is the state to visit if you really like maple syrup. The quarter design features Camel's Hump Mountain with an image of maple trees with sap buckets in the forefront.

  7. The "Magnolia State" released its quarter in 2002.

  8. Which state's quarter reverse marked the first time a real person (not a symbol such as Lady Liberty) had ever been featured on two circulating coins of different denominations?

  9. The state that sees the nation's first light celebrates the release of their quarter reverse in which year?

  10. The symbol featured on which state's quarter reverse represents men who fought in the American Revolution?

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