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Travel Guide Quiz
Hawaii Quarter Bonus Questions!
How well do you know the newest quarter design?
  1. The Hawaii quarter features:

  2. The state capital of Hawaii is:

  3. The state flower of Hawaii is the:

  1. The "Keystone State," which is home to the first United States Mint, celebrated the release of its quarter in what year?

  2. The "Peach State" features the juicy fruit on its quarter reverse.

  3. The "Crossroads of America" is the inscription found on this state's quarter reverse.

  4. The "First State" to join the union in 1787 is the state of ____________.

  5. A man pictured on which state's quarter reverse is also pictured on the quarter's obverse?

  6. Which state's quarter reverse features the famous Charter Oak tree that hid the charter won from Britain's King Charles II in 1662?

  7. Which state has a symbol of education in the form of a schoolhouse on its quarter reverse?

  8. Which state’s reverse shows two ways of exploration from different time periods?

  9. Hungry? This reverse image of this state shows images of cheese and an ear of corn.

  10. This state was admitted into the Union on October 31, 1864. This day (October 31) eventually became a state holiday.

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