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Travel Guide Quiz
Hawaii Quarter Bonus Questions!
How well do you know the newest quarter design?
  1. The Hawaii quarter features:

  2. The state capital of Hawaii is:

  3. The state flower of Hawaii is the:

  1. Which state has a symbol of education in the form of a schoolhouse on its quarter reverse?

  2. A man pictured on which state's quarter reverse is also pictured on the quarter's obverse?

  3. The "First State" to join the union in 1787 is the state of ____________.

  4. This state was admitted into the Union on October 31, 1864. This day (October 31) eventually became a state holiday.

  5. Hungry? This reverse image of this state shows images of cheese and an ear of corn.

  6. Which state's quarter reverse features a ship sailing on the Narragansett Bay?

  7. Which state celebrates the "Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers"?

  8. Which state quarter reverse features an ox-drawn covered wagon carrying a pioneer family westward?

  9. The 2003 quarter that features the Corps of Discovery is the state of _________.

  10. This state's nickname is "The Prairie State" named after its state prairie grass, big bluestem.

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