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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

Fun with Lewis and Clark


In honor of the 2004 Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar, why not teach your students about Lewis and Clark's famous journey?


Did you know that Lewis and Clark brought peace medals from the United States Mint with them on their journey to the Pacific Ocean?  It's true!  Introduce your students to the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark's expedition by checking out the New Nickel Lesson Plans.

The Peace Medal Nickel, the first nickel in the Westward Journey Nickel Series made its premiere in March.  We are very excited to announce that the lesson plans designed for the new nickels premiering in 2004 are now available for free download!  The Westward Journey Nickel Series Lesson Plans were designed for teachers, by teachers, for grades K-6.  A Resource Guide (K-12) is also available for download.  Visit the New Nickel Lesson Plans page today!

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