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Teacher Feature

Tercentenary Celebration


Born on January 17, 1706, Benjamin Franklin pursued a variety of interests, from ideas in science and journalism, to serving as a leader of the American Revolution.  Benjamin Franklin had many accomplishments in his lifetime.  Some of the titles used to describe him include: writer, printer, newsman, publisher, editor, civic leader, inventor, scientist, philosopher, musician, patriot, statesman, and diplomat.  He was responsible for initiating community buildings such as the library, firehouse, hospital, and the post office.

He also became the only person, at age 81, to sign all four of the major documents instrumental to the founding of the United States - the Declaration of Independence; the United States Constitution; the Treaty of Paris; and the Treaty of Alliance, Amity and Commerce, in which France recognized and supported the United States.


There are a variety of activities available about Benjamin Franklin on the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site for use in your classroom.  Take a look at the lesson plans and Teacher Features that talk about some of the accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin and link to the "Scientist" and "Founding Father" commemorative coins that make up the 2006 Benjamin Franklin Silver Dollar commemorative program.

Ben Franklin Half Dollar lesson plan
Students will research contributions to American culture and technological progress through Benjamin Franklin's quotes and inventions.  They will also analyze research in order to design a coin honoring Ben Franklin's contributions.

Turkeys or Eagles
After discussing how Benjamin Franklin wanted the wild turkey (not the bald eagle) to be our national bird, students will graph their preferences and discuss the survey results.

July 2001 Coin of the Month the Ben Franklin-Liberty Bell Half Dollar (1948-1963)
Take a look at the detail of the Ben Franklin-Liberty Bell Half Dollar.  The engraving of Ben Franklin is modeled after a bust that was sculpted in France while Franklin was there seeking help for the newly independent colonies.

July 2002 Coin of the Month: 1776 Centennial Coin
Take a look at the detail of the 1776 Centennial Coin.  Benjamin Franklin's sundial design uses the legends "Fugio"-that's Latin for "I fly" (meaning "time flies")-and "Mind Your Business" (meaning "take care of your duties").

Coin a Phrase Teacher Feature
Ben Franklin was a man of many words, particularly when money was involved.  Students will examine several of Franklin's quotes regarding personal finances and discuss the meaning behind Franklin's words.

Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Coin Page
The United States Mint is honoring the tercentenary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin, one of this Nation's original scientists, thinkers and founding fathers, with two commemorative silver dollars.

Make a "Connection"

Be sure to visit the Games page and play the fun new game, called Franklin's Try-N-Fly, highlighting the "Scientist" silver dollar.  Only you can put together the snake from Ben Franklin's famous cartoon.  But first you have to neutralize lightning by flying a special kite.  Can you do it?

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