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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

New England Coinage

New England Coinage helps to tell the story about how the shilling was the very first coin struck for everyday use in the British colonies of America.


Use some of the ideas found in the December 2006 Coin of the Month page and Time Machine Era 1: Boston colony in 1667 to build on your students' interest in Colonial America.

Be sure to also check out the Teacher Feature that accompanies Time Machine Era 1, History in the Making, a lesson where students will visit Colonial America in the Time Machine and discover the process that a citizen today must follow in order to make or change a law.

Make a "Connection"

The United States Mint has designed other coins to honor the importance of this time in our history.  In the January 2002 Coin of the Month, explore the stories behind the Higley Copper.

Visit the January 2005 Coin of the Month to learn more about the Vermont Copper.  Be sure to visit the accompanying Teacher Feature, Who's in the News?, where students will read about Ethan Allen and his militia group, the Green Mountain Boys, to understand how they helped Vermont become an independent republic in 1777.

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