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Teacher Feature

Oklahoma Quarter Lesson Plans


Do you know that we have a collection of lesson plans based on the Oklahoma quarter?


The 50 State Quarters® Program lesson plans are now available on the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change™ Web site for you to use in your classroom!  Take a look at the lesson plans created specifically to celebrate the Oklahoma quarter:  "Symbols in My Eyes" (K and 1), "Spy the Flycatcher" (2 and 3), and "Oh, the Regions!" (4–6).  After that, check out the rest of these state-specific plans, which are FREE to download and are available in sets designed specifically for grades K–1, 2–3, and 4–6.

Make a "Connection"

The Oklahoma quarter celebrates both the state bird and state flower of the 46th state to enter the Union.  The design features the Indian blanket and scissortail flycatcher, the state wildflower and bird.  The design was chosen by the residents of Oklahoma because it represented the stat's natural beauty.  With your students create a class quilt that best represents your classroom and its unique characteristics.  Have students work in pairs or small groups to come up with one image, one word, and one phrase which represents the positive characteristics of the classroom.  Have the students record their ideas on a large index card that will serve as their quilt piece.  Encourage students to use paints, markers, and even magazine clippings to make their quilt piece bright and unique.  Have each student pair or group share their quilt piece with the class and explain how they chose these specific images, words, and phrases.  When all students have shared their work, create a class quilt by connecting all of the index cards or pieces of paper together with glue, tape, or string.  Display your class quilt in the front of the room or outside the door so that others may see what positive qualities are represented in your classroom.

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