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Hawaii Quarter Lesson Plans


Do you know that we have a collection of lesson plans based on the Hawaii quarter?


The 50 State Quarters® Program lesson plans are now available on the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change™ Web site for you to use in your classroom!  Take a look at the lesson plans created specifically to celebrate the Hawaii quarter:  "How Will We Get There?" (K and 1),  "Aloha from the King" (2 and 3), and "An Island Introduction" (4–6).  After that, check out the rest of these state-specific plans, which are FREE to download and are available in sets designed specifically for grades K–1, 2–3, and 4–6.

Make a "Connection"

Hawaii's quarter shows its eight main islands, but there are actually more than 100 islands in the chain.  The islands are actually the tops of underwater volcanic mountains, together forming the largest mountain range in the world (though most of it is under water).  Hawaii's good weather and rich volcanic soil makes it a great place to grow food like sugar, pineapples, and macadamia nuts.  On a piece of chart paper write the words climate, crops, and location.  Fill in the information about Hawaii's climate, crops, and location on the piece of chart paper.  Discuss with the class how the location affects the climate and crops grown in a state.  Divide the students up into pairs.  Assign each student pair a state (try and choose states from various areas of the county) and have the pair research the climate, crops, and location of the state.  Have student pairs visit and download the quarter reverse for the state they researched.  Have students color the state quarter reverse and paste onto a large piece of construction paper or poster board.  Have the student pairs record the information they learned about each states climate, crops, and location.  Have student pairs present their research to the class and discuss the relationship between climate, crops, and the locations of each state.  If possible bring in examples of the crops grown from various states.  Display student posters around the classroom.

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