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Teacher Feature

Presidential $1 Coin Lesson Plans


Do you know that we have a collection of FREE lesson plans based on the Presidential $1 Coin Program?


The Presidential $1 Coin Lesson Plans are now available on the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site for use in your classroom!  Take a look at the lesson plans created specifically to celebrate the Presidential $1 Coins:

Make a Connection

Find out more about each of the Presidential $1 Coins and their presidents in the “Coins and Medals” section.

During James K. Polk’s term in office, more than 800,000 square miles of land were added to the United States.

After reading the October Coin of the Month as a class, divide the class into three working groups.  Explain to the class that each group will be researching and creating a map of the United States from a different point in history.  Provide each group with access to the Web in order to locate a reliable source map.

Assign each group a different year: 1845 (beginning of Polk’s term), 1850 (immediately following Polk’s term), and the current year.  Provide each group with a large piece of art paper and access to a projector so the group can project and trace a map from the assigned year.  Instruct the students to clearly label the map and create a legend, differentiating between states, territories, and unorganized territory.

Have the students post their maps around the room.  As a class, examine what changes the Untied States went through before and after Polk’s term in office.  Compare the maps of 1845 and 1850 to the present day map of the United States.  Generate a class discussion on the impact of increasing the land size of the United States.

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