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Teacher Feature

Yellowstone National Park Quarter Lesson Plans


Do you know that we have a collection of lesson plans based on the America the Beautiful Quarters™ Program for educators and students to enjoy?


The America the Beautiful Quarters™ Program lesson plans are ready for you to use in your classroom!

Check out the FREE, interactive, project-based lesson plans, in sets designed specifically for grades K and 1, 2 and 3, and 4 through 6.

Are you a secondary school teacher interested in introducing the America the Beautiful Quarters™ Program into your curriculum?  Well, now you can!  Our lesson plan starters for grades 7 and 8 and 9 through 12 will help your students explore the rich history of the national sites.

As an additional activity, try this in your classroom!  Students will need a 5x7 index card to create a mammal collector card.  Students will use library resources including websites, reference materials, and non-fiction books to research their mammal.

On the blank side of the index cards, they will draw their animal in its environment.  On the lined side of the card they will list facts such as diet, habitat, size, predators or natural threats, and one fun fact.  Students will be given a chance to walk around the class and browse one another's collector cards.  Once they've had a chance to learn about other mammals, each student will volunteer a clue about their animal and see if the other students can guess which mammal they are describing.

Make a Connection

Yellowstone National Park has the largest concentration of wildlife in the lower 48 states, with more than 60 mammals living in the park.  Each mammal has distinctive characteristics, from habitat to diet and predators, as well as unique features.

In small groups, or individually, students will identify a mammal that calls Yellowstone National Park home.  A great website for choosing the mammal is Yellowstone's website.

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