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Teacher Feature

Endangered Species


July's Coin of the Month features the platinum bullion coin. The reverse of the 2008 platinum bullion coin features an eagle soaring over America. One particular species of eagle, the Bald Eagle, was rare at one time. The Bald Eagle was added to the endangered species list in 1967, due to hunting, poisoning, and exposure to pesticides. The protection provided by the listing, as well as the ban of the pesticide DDT, led to the eagle's recovery and removal from the list in 2007. After reading about the July Coin of the Month, the students will research endangered species and create a presentation of their findings.


Divide the students into small groups. Have each group select an endangered species in the United States. Make sure each group works on a different species and different types (birds, insects, fish, mammals, etc). Have each group create a poster on poster board highlighting its animal. Presentations should include a map (drawing of their state or a print out of the US States) and drawings or photos of the animal. Let the students use Internet resources (such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) and library resources to discover facts about their species. Facts should include:

  • What year the species was listed as endangered
  • The cause of its endangerment
  • Laws or other means used to help rebuild its population
  • Recommendations on how to help save the species


  • Display the posters in the classroom, library, or hallways to educate other students about endangered species.
  • Involve the whole school! Adopt a species or habitat in your area.

Learn more about the bald eagle and its importance as a national symbol with the Teacher Feature Bald Eagle Biography.

Related Subject Areas: Social Studies, Science

Descriptions: Students will explore endangered species.

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