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Teacher Feature

Geologic Events at Mount Hood


Students will use the Mount Hood National Forest quarter to understand geologic events and how to build timelines.


Mount Hood National Forest encompasses more than one million acres. Two of its many highlights are the Timberline Lodge, a national historic landmark in its own right, and the Clackamas Wild and Scenic River. On the Mount Hood National Forest quarter’s reverse, you will see a mountain, forest, and lake.

Have your students study the quarter design. Point out Mt. Hood's steep profile. Ask the students whether they know what kind of mountain often has such a profile. Typically, it's a stratovolcano.

Mount Hood has a history of eruptions, earthquakes, and avalanches. This mountain is also a home to twelve glaciers whose outwash has resulted in floods.

Using books, Web sites, and library reference materials, develop a historical timeline of geologic events that have occurred at Mount Hood.

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