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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

Daniel Boone Storytellers


Students will use the 1938 Daniel Boone half dollar to learn about this famous historic figure.


Display the coin for all the students to see.  Read the Coin of the Month article to learn about Daniel Boone and his adventures.  Distribute a blank map of the United States to the students and have them research in pairs or small groups Daniel Boone's trail of exploration across the Appalachian states.  Using a blue crayon or marker, draw his trail on the map with a start and end point.

Make a Connection

Give your students a chance to play explorer!  Have them log on to the United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site and play Quarter Explorer, where they'll help Bill the Mint Buffalo explore the states and the quarters that honor them.  Using a red crayon or marker, have students mark the start point and end point of Bill's trip on the map and connect all the states they visit.


Daniel Boone wasn't famous just for the routes he explored; he was also known for the many adventures he experienced.  Use library resources and the Internet to research some of his adventures, such as his experience with Chief Blackfish, who is also featured on the coin.  Have students create their own fictional stories about the places they explored on the map and share them with the class.

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