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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

Passage into the Past


Students will research and share information about the Lincoln Bridge located in Chickasaw National Recreation Area.


Read the November Coin of the Month article to learn about the Lincoln Bridge, featured on the Chickasaw National Recreation Area Quarter.

Have the students research to learn more about the national site and the Lincoln Bridge. Have them note the structural details of the bridge, the type of bridge it is, unique features it has, and why it's important to the history of the national site.

Using information from class discussions and the results of their research, have the students create a postcard to "mail" to a family member. Using a medium of their choice, have the students highlight the image of the Lincoln Bridge on the front and tell at least 4 facts about the famous bridge on the back.

Make a Connection

What's another coin that features the image of a bridge? Have the students explore the role that bridges play in our society by visiting the 2005 West Virginia quarter lesson plan for grades 4 through 6.

Do you know that we have a collection of lesson plans based on the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program for educators and students to enjoy? The America the Beautiful Quarters Program lesson plans are ready for you to use in your classroom!

Are you a secondary school teacher interested in introducing the America the Beautiful Quarters Program into your curriculum? Well, now you can! Our lesson plan starters for grades 7 and 8 and 9 through 12 will help your students use this program to explore the rich history of our national sites.

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