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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

Honoring Heroes


Students will use the U.S. Infantry commemorative dollar to understand the importance of the individuals who serve in the U.S. Army Infantry.


The image on the obverse of the U.S. Infantry commemorative dollar features a soldier carrying a rifle and motioning for the unseen soldiers behind him to move forward.  The design on the reverse shows crossed rifles, the insignia of the Infantry.  Read the May Coin of the Month to see the coin and learn more.

As a class, discuss the meaning of the words "infantry," "courage," "pride," "sacrifice," "duty," and "history," which pertain to this coin.  Discuss the history and importance of the U.S. Infantry.  Remind the students that Memorial Day is a way for people to honor those who have died serving our country in the military (all branches).

Discuss ways the U.S. Infantry commemorative dollar helps us remember these members of the Armed Forces.  Record the class responses on chart paper for class reference.

Using information and coins from the Coin of the Month page, the Memorial Day page, class discussions, and classroom resources, have the students choose another coin that honors veterans.  Have them research the events and people related to the images on the coin.

Have the students create a multimedia presentation to tell the story of extraordinary people represented through the chosen coin.  Encourage the students to connect some aspect of their coin presentation to the U.S. Infantry coin.  The students should enhance their presentations by using the vocabulary words previously discussed (courage, pride, sacrifice, duty, and history) and adding special features such as timelines, music, images, and inspirational quotes.

Make a Connection

Did you know that we have a collection of resources for educators and students that focus on military veterans?  The Exploring American Veterans page lists lesson plans, Teacher Features, and more to help students develop an appreciation for the work of the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.

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